About K&I Design

K&I Design is comprised of Iain, Kerry and Davina. We're small company based sunny Torquay in the south west of England. We have a small workshop equipped with LASER cutters and a flat bed CNC machine.

Iain is the director of the company, with a background in electronic and software engineering he helps with the technical side of the business and day to day jobs that no one else likes to do. Occasionally he helps out with the design proofs and manufacturing. 

Kerry is the creative effort and designs many of the products seen (and not seen) on this website. When you place an order, Kerry is the most likely to be in touch with you with your design proof. She has worked in graphic design since obtaining her degree from Plymouth University over 15 years ago. Kerry enjoys working on new ideas and products and can often be found in front of the LASER or airbrush making her ideas become reality.

Davina is our sales lady and is the outgoing social eco butterfly that we needed to push us to the next level.  She often out and about meeting, greeting and dining with customers to understand their requirements and get the ball rolling on new projects. She is not shy when it comes to getting her hands dirty and can often be found on the shop floor when things get really busy.